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Marty M. AA speaker Women Suffer Too!

Marty got sober in 1939. She is the founder of the Council on Alcoholism in the US

Posted 11/28/2011 02:13 AM

Fernando M. AA speaker

from California

Posted 11/25/2011 02:00 AM

Ernie G. AA speaker

one of the first 100 AAs

Posted 11/24/2011 02:00 AM

Dr. Earl M. AA speaker

His story was in the first edition Big Book

Posted 11/23/2011 02:00 AM

DJ S. AA speaker

from Ingram TX

Posted 11/22/2011 02:00 AM

Chuck C. on Sharing

speaking in CA.

Posted 11/21/2011 02:00 AM

Dorothy H. Al-Anon speaker

from the UK

Posted 11/18/2011 02:00 AM

Scarlet M. AA speaker

speaking at Colorado State Conf.

Posted 11/17/2011 02:00 AM